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Definitely Dead

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Definitely Dead

Post  GodSpeed on August 15th 2010, 1:27 pm

Thread for book 6 of the Southern Vampire Series.


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Re: Definitely Dead

Post  Aslinn Dhan on August 16th 2010, 4:50 pm

Definitely Dead Plot summary

At the request of the Louisiana vampire queen, Sophie-Anne Leclerq, Sookie Stackhouse plans to go to New Orleans to sort out the affairs of her cousin Hadley who has been murdered. Hadley had become a vampire and the romantic partner of the queen, and upon her final death, left everything to Sookie.

Sookie puts the trip on hold for a while, as she is trying to return to normal life away from supernaturals.
In Bon Temps, Andy and Portia Bellefleur are planning a double wedding to their respective fiances. Sookie notes that the event seems oddly rushed.

Sookie also begins a tentative relationship with John Quinn, the were-tiger she met at the Shreveport Pack Master competition. Quinn is eager to begin a relationship, though Sookie is cautious after Bill Compton's infidelity and Eric Northman's mixed signals.

While on a date, Sookie and Quinn are attacked in Shreveport by bitten teenage werewolves. Quinn threatens the members of the Shreveport pack, including Sookie's admirer Alcide Herveaux for their failure to protect a friend of the pack in their own domain. While Sookie recovers from the attack, the Vampire Queen's demon secretary, Mr. Cataliades, comes to hasten her to New Orleans. They discover that Gladiola, Mr. Cataliades' niece and Sophie-Anne's messenger, was murdered before she could give Sookie the message that Mr. Cataliades would be arriving. Sookie invites Bill to accompany her to New Orleans.

When she arrives, she finds Hadley's apartment locked under the spell of the talented and helpful young witch and Hadley's landlady, Amelia Broadway. When Amelia's stasis spell on the apartment is removed, she and Sookie are attacked by a newly turned vampire that had been hidden in the hall closet. The vampire is subdued by supernatural police, and Sookie and Amelia are taken to the hospital.

Eric and Bill come to visit Sookie, and at Eric's urging, Bill tells Sookie why he came to Bon Temps: Hadley had told the queen of Sookie's telepathic abilities, and sent Bill to Bon Temps to find Sookie and bring her into the Queen's services, seducing Sookie if necessary. Sookie is heartbroken and furious to learn that her first love was a sham, and tells Bill to leave her alone before leaving the hospital and walking home, still badly injured.

She awakes to find Claudine, her fairy godmother, and Amelia by her side. Claudine is trying to earn enough karma points to ascend to angel status, and has made Sookie her pet project.

Sookie is called before Queen Sophie-Anne that night.

Sookie finds the vampire queen still grieving for Hadley, and emotional due to her recent political wedding to Peter Threadgill, the vampire king of Arkansas. The wedding is only a political gesture, but is very important for maintaining peace between the kingdoms. Sophie-Anne reveals that Hadley was furious over the wedding, and stole a diamond bracelet from Sophie-Anne that was a present from the king. If Sophie-Anne doesn't have the bracelet back for a party in several days, Threadgill could call for divorce, and take down her kingdom.

Sookie promises to look for the jewels, and asks the queen for help solving the mystery of the new vampire who attacked her and Amelia in Hadley's apartment. They know that the vampire was a shapeshifter named Jake Purifoy who was to escort Hadley to the party, but do not know how he became a vampire or was hidden in the closet. Amelia offers to cast a special spell with her coven to show a replay of the events before both Hadley and Purifoy's deaths. Sophie-Anne is intrigued, and decides to watch the spell being cast, accompanied by her personal bodyguard Andre.

The spell is a success, and the collection of vampires and witches witness Purifoy being killed, but they are unable to see his assailant. Hadley didn't witness the murder, but she saves Purifoy by turning him into a vampire and putting him in her hall closet. Hadley herself is killed the next day by one of the Queen's assistants, a crime which has already been dealt with.

While Sookie cleans Hadley's apartment, Quinn arrives. He's also investigating Purifoy's attack, as the young Were was an employee of his event-planning business. They bond and their relationship matures, but they are attacked yet again, and kinapped by some weres.

Quinn manages to call the queen, asking her to send help. Sookie and Quinn are beaten up badly, but Sookie manages to undo their restraints and they escape into a swamp. Quinn changes to his tiger form, and the two backtrack through the swamp to follow the van to an isolated cabin.

Peeking inside, Sookie discovers that the Pelt family, the parents and sister of Alcide's ex-girlfriend, Debbie Pelt, are behind both attacks on her and Quinn. Debbie had attacked Sookie with a gun, forcing Sookie to kill her with Jason's shotgun in self defense (in Dead to the World). The Pelts have been unrelenting in trying to find the truth of their daughter's disappearance, and Sookie tells them the truth.

The Pelts stoically accept the outcome, swearing not to tell anyone if Sookie will keep the secret of their violence against her, which is against pack law.

Before she can leave New Orleans for good, Sookie must attend the ball being thrown in honor of the newly married King and Queen. She attends with Quinn, and is surprised and dismayed at the amount of security from both Louisiana and Arkansas, noting that the two royal parties obviously have a shaky alliance. Sookie has found the Queen's missing bracelet, and slips it onto Sophie-Anne's wrist without anyone noticing.

Furious when he sees the missing bracelet publicly displayed, Threadgill starts his uprising without provocation, with Arkansas vampires squaring off against Louisiana loyalists, and many bystanders caught in the middle. During the fight, Bill saves Sookie's life. Sookie rushes to find an exit and winds up in the queen's private quarters, as Andre and Threadgill square off over the wounded queen. Andre kills Threadgill to save Sophie-Anne, and Sookie escapes during the melee.

She arrives back at the apartment with a wounded Quinn, and is soon interrupted by a knock on the door. Bill is standing in the doorway, completely healed from the fight though his clothing bears the evidence, desperate to talk to her. Bill confesses that though he was sent by the queen to seek out Sookie initially, he truly fell in love with her, and still loves her. Sookie turns him away, telling him to get out of her life and never come back.

As she prepares to leave New Orleans for Bon Temps, Amelia asks to come along as she has broken coven rules by accidentally turning her lover, fellow witch Bob, into a housecat. Grateful for the company, and upset by the heartbreak and violence, Sookie accepts and heads home.

Sources: Wikipedia, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels and Raki

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Re: Definitely Dead

Post  Aslinn Dhan on August 20th 2010, 8:58 pm

I have unlocked this thread...please read it at your leisure and if there is some detail I have missed please pm me and let me know so I can add it directly to the text and it is all in one place...Thanks bunches.

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Re: Definitely Dead

Post  Aslinn Dhan on September 7th 2011, 9:33 pm

Definitely Dead

MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2005. Sookie spends the early part of the day at Alfred
Cumberland’s studio in Shreveport, posing for photographs with Claude, who is
building his portfolio for the Mr. Romance contest. She is pleasantly surprised to
see Maria-Star Cooper, the Were she took to the hospital after the skirmish with the
witches at Bill’s house, fully recovered and working as Al’s assistant, although
Sookie experiences a flicker of pain when she realizes that Maria-Star and Alcide
Herveaux are now dating.

After the photo shoot, Sookie hurries home to work the evening shift at
Merlotte’s, where she speaks briefly with Bill Compton, who asks if he can
accompany her to New Orleans when she travels there to wrap up the estate of her
late cousin, Hadley. Catholic priest Dan Riordan and Episcopal priest Kempton
Littrell are also in the bar for their biweekly dinner, and Sookie is disconcerted
when the priests call her away from Bill’s table, telling her that they were
concerned that she was consorting with an “imp of hell.” Before leaving the bar,
Father Riordan informs her that he has been contacted by the Pelts, who are
searching for information about Debbie and want to meet with Sookie. She denies
their request.

TUESDAY, MARCH 15. Quinn walks into Merlotte’s shortly before last call and
tells Sookie he’d like to speak with her about both business and pleasure, and she
agrees to let him follow her home after closing. He tells her that he’s wanted to see
her again and asks her on a date. She happily agrees. He then tells her that the
vampire Queen of Louisiana has asked him to request Sookie’s services for her own
use at the upcoming vampire regional summit. The queen outranks Eric, who has
also requested Sookie’s presence. She unhappily acknowledges to herself that she
will have to deliver the bad news to Eric. She and Quinn end their meeting by
planning their date for the following Friday.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16. Pam calls Sookie at Merlotte’s and informs her that
Eric wants to see her on Friday night. Sookie declines, telling Pam that she already
has plans. Pam is gleeful that she gets to let Eric know that not only has Sookie
refused his summons but she has a date. Andy Bellefleur stops Sookie on her way
back from the phone call to ask a favor: He is proposing to his girlfriend, Halleigh
Robinson, and wants Sookie to hide the ring box in Halleigh’s food order. Sookie
unabashedly eavesdrops as Halleigh finds the box and eagerly accepts Andy’s

As Sookie is washing dishes at home after work, she realizes that there is
something out in her woods when all the night cries from the insects and frogs
come to an abrupt stop. She locks her doors but holds her ground, refusing to
panic. Only when the sounds resume outside does she relax enough to sleep.

THURSDAY, MARCH 17. Sookie leaves the house early to go to the grocery
store and to Tara’s Togs to get a new outfit for her date. Once at Tara’s shop, she
waits while Portia Bellefleur makes plans with Tara to outfit a double wedding.
Not only are Andy and Halleigh getting married; so are Portia and her fiancé, Glen.
After an excited Portia leaves with a catalog, Tara happily helps Sookie pick out an
outfit. Sookie then heads to the store and back home in time to fix lunch for Jason.

Her brother arrives and tells her that Crystal has suffered a miscarriage. Crystal
refuses to go to the hospital because she is afraid of the personnel noticing the
advanced healing abilities of the shifters. Sookie calls Dr. Ludwig, the physician
who treated her for the maenad poisoning and who attended the packmaster
contest, and arranges to have the doctor meet with Jason and head over to his

Sookie is dismayed to find Father Riordan waiting for her with the Pelts in
Sam’s office when she gets to work. She is once again forced to deny being involved
with Debbie’s disappearance. Sam gets a phone call letting him know Holly’s son is
missing from his school, and Sookie hurries over to see if she can help with her
special ability. She finally locates the injured child in a trash bin, where he was
hidden by the custodian after she thought she had accidentally killed him.
Returning to the bar, Sookie is suspicious of the new barmaid, Tanya Grissom,
whom Sam has called in to cover for Holly.

Sookie gets another visitor that night in the person of Calvin Norris, Crystal’s
uncle and the leader of the Hotshot panthers. They discuss Calvin’s interest in
Sookie, and he reluctantly acknowledges that they are not meant to be.

FRIDAY, MARCH 18. Dressed and ready for her date with Quinn, Sookie is
surprised when Eric arrives on her doorstep. He is not pleased to see her looking
beautiful for another man, and they are arguing when Quinn arrives. He not only
establishes his interest in Sookie but calmly informs Eric that the queen intends for
Sookie to be in her retinue at the vampire summit. They leave a fuming Eric and
head for the theater in Shreveport. Sookie and Quinn enjoy each other’s company,
and Sookie is pleased that she can read only admiration from Quinn, who
apparently has no fear of her gift. As they are leaving the theater after the show,
two young half-changed werewolves attack them in the parking lot. Sookie is
slightly injured as Quinn fights them off. The police arrive. They are questioned by
the police, who are somewhat uneasy about the power that Quinn has displayed.
After their questioning, Quinn takes Sookie to a werewolf bar, the Hair of the Dog,
where he challenges the local pack over the attack on Sookie, who has been named
a friend of the pack. As they return to the car, the attraction between them
explodes, and Sookie decides that she needs to go more carefully with Quinn.

SATURDAY, MARCH 19. Sookie doesn’t hear from Quinn the next day but
does read in the newspaper that two juveniles were found strangled in the
Shreveport holding cells—Sookie and Quinn’s attackers had been silenced. A lovely
female vampire comes into Merlotte’s that night and introduces herself as Felicia,
the new bartender at Fangtasia. She informs Sookie that Pam has told her to beg for
her mercy, as Fangtasia bartenders don’t last long around Sookie.

SUNDAY, MARCH 20. Sookie is suspicious and displeased when Tanya
Grissom arrives at her house uninvited and makes obvious overtures of friendship.
Sookie’s inhospitable attitude soon sends the shifter away, but her negative feelings
are soothed when Quinn calls and they set up another date for the following night.

Much to her surprise, Mr. Cataliades soon arrives, expecting her to be ready to
accompany him back to New Orleans to settle her late cousin Hadley’s estate. He is
equally surprised that his niece Gladiola did not deliver his message and sets out
with his other niece, Diantha, to find Glad’s body, knowing that only death would
have kept her from her task. Diantha locates Gladiola, cloven in two, at the edge of
the woods, and Diantha and her uncle burn the body in Sookie’s driveway. Sookie
goes to Sam’s trailer to arrange the time off and leaves the two supes to their
solemn pyre. Remembering that Bill has asked if he can join her when she travels to
New Orleans, Sookie calls him to let him know they will be leaving soon. As they
travel, Sookie tells her companions about the Were attack in Shreveport and about
the visit she and Quinn paid to Hair of the Dog. Bill is unhappy because it’s clear
Quinn is becoming a part of Sookie’s life. When Sookie asks Mr. Cataliades’s
opinion, he suggests that Quinn knows that the Shreveport pack may already be
planning a challenge to the new packmaster.
Arriving at Hadley’s apartment in New Orleans, Bill again offers to help.
Exhausted, Sookie just wants to be left alone to rest.

MONDAY, MARCH 21. The landlady and apartment owner, Amelia Broadway,
who is also a practicing witch, startles Sookie awake. She assures Sookie that wards
and a stasis spell (which has kept the place just as it was on the day Hadley died)
have protected the apartment. After Amelia returns to her own apartment
downstairs, Sookie begins to explore and is disturbed when she finds bloodstained
towels in the bathroom hamper. She opens the hall closet and discovers a man’s
body. Realizing the body must have been there since Hadley died, she goes in
search of Amelia to tell her they have a problem. They have just decided that the
stasis spell has kept the body from decomposing when Sookie notices the man’s
fingers moving. She realizes they have a rising vampire to deal with. Amelia just
has time to call for help before they are attacked and must fight for their lives
against the hungry new vampire, Jake Purifoy, a Were. Both are seriously wounded
before they are rescued by the vampire police.

While she is awaiting treatment at the hospital, Sookie is surprised by Eric’s
arrival. She accuses him of following her. He reminds her of the bond that exists
between them because he has given her his blood. He also tells her that he has met
with the queen to negotiate for Sookie’s services at the vampire summit. As they
are talking, Bill suddenly appears, much to Eric’s displeasure. When Bill accuses
Eric of tiring Sookie and asks him to leave, an angry Eric retaliates by forcing Bill to
disclose what Eric discovered when he met with Sophie-Anne. Bill confesses that he
was sent to Bon Temps by the queen to attract Sookie’s notice and even to seduce
her in an effort to gain the use of her gift. Her heart broken by Bill’s betrayal, a
physically and emotionally devastated Sookie stumbles back to the apartment.

TUESDAY, MARCH 22. Claudine and Amelia are at Sookie’s bedside when she
awakes in deep emotional pain. Claudine reveals that she is Sookie’s fairy
godmother, sworn to protect her, and tells Amelia the reason for Sookie’s
unhappiness. They decide they need to determine how Jake was killed and turned,
so Amelia suggests an ectoplasmic reconstruction of the events on the day of
Hadley’s death. Amelia leaves to make preparations, and Claudine explains to
Sookie that she must keep her appointment with the queen that evening. They
leave to shop for the perfect dress and accessories.

Sookie, correctly clad, arrives at Sophie-Anne’s headquarters and is admitted to
the queen’s presence by her twin bodyguards, Sigebert and Wybert. The queen
introduces her new husband, the King of Arkansas, Peter Threadgill. His personal
bodyguard, Jade Flower, stands guard behind her king with a long sword strapped
to her back. Sophie-Anne’s personal bodyguard, Andre Paul, armed with a saber
and a gun, stands guard behind his queen as well. As Sookie and the queen discuss
the conversion of Jake Purifoy, Sookie tells Sophie-Anne about the planned
ectoplasmic reconstruction. The queen agrees to pay the expenses of the ritual and
declares that she wishes to witness it. She inquires briefly after Bill, and Sookie
rather sharply informs her that they are no longer a couple. As they ready
themselves to go, the king insists that Jade Flower accompany Sookie and Sophie-

Amelia is waiting at the apartment with three other witches, who will help her
with the ectoplasmic reconstruction. The spectators watch in amazement as the
ghostly events of the day Hadley died appear before them. They see the attack on
Jake but are not able to identify the attacker. They do, however, witness Hadley’s
desperate attempt to save him by making him a vampire. It is apparent that
someone wanted Hadley accused of his death, and the atmosphere is getting tense
when Quinn suddenly arrives. When alone in Hadley’s apartment with Sookie and
Andre, Sophie-Anne tells Sookie that a jealous Hadley stole a valuable bracelet, a
gift to the queen from her new husband. The queen will face political and personal
disaster if the bracelet is not restored to her before the ball scheduled in two days’
time. Sophie-Anne tells Sookie that they must pretend that she and Andre had sex
as Sophie-Anne watched, to justify this private meeting to Jade Flower. As they
exchange an uncomfortable embrace to add evidence to the illusion, Andre reveals
to Sookie that she has a trace of fairy blood. Although Sophie-Anne has instructed
Sookie not to reveal any details, Sookie carefully tells Quinn that she did not have
sex with Andre, and they have a romantic moment together.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23. Sookie begins to pack up Hadley’s possessions and
is delighted when Quinn reappears to help. They make love that afternoon, but
while they are relaxing afterward, Sookie suddenly senses danger. They are
attacked and kidnapped by a group of werewolves who subdue the powerful
Quinn with a stun gun.

The kidnappers force Sookie and Quinn into a van but do not seem to consider
her a threat. She is able to locate Quinn’s cell phone and call for help. The
kidnappers quickly pull over and search them, binding Quinn’s legs before starting
off again. Because Quinn has undergone a partial change during the fight, Sookie
encourages him to bite through the duct tape binding her wrists. She is able to get
free and to unbind his hands and feet. As Sookie stabs the Were in the passenger
seat with a screwdriver, Quinn opens the door of the van, and they escape into the
swamp. They only stop to rest when they are certain they have lost their
kidnappers. Sookie suddenly realizes who is behind the abduction and explains to
Quinn, who shifts fully into his tiger persona and leads her through the swamp to a
house where they find the kidnappers’ van. Looking through the window, Sookie
realizes that her feelings were correct when she sees the Pelt family. Sookie and
Quinn attack the house and are soon joined by Eric and the queen’s guard, Rasul.

Sookie confronts the furious family and tells them the truth about the death of their
daughter Debbie. Reluctantly recognizing that Sookie was acting in self-defense,
Gordon and Barbara Pelt, much to their daughter Sandra’s dismay, promise not to
harass Sookie further. Sookie also learns from them that Tanya Grissom is a relative
who was sent to spy on her and find out more about Debbie’s death.

THURSDAY, MARCH 24. Mr. Cataliades accompanies Sookie to Hadley’s bank
to receive the contents of her cousin’s safe-deposit box, but the missing bracelet is
not there, as he obviously hoped. Sookie returns to the apartment to find a message
on the answering machine: The queen expects to see Sookie that night at the spring
ball. She debates whether or not she should go. Continuing to pack, she hears a
strange noise when she shakes a can of coffee and realizes she has found the
queen’s bracelet. Sookie knows she must attend the ball after all and goes down to
Amelia’s to borrow a dress and shoes.

Quinn and Sookie arrive at the queen’s party house, a former monastery. Both
are immediately uneasy as they observe the extreme security and the unusual
outfits of the king’s guards. As Sookie and Quinn greet Mr. Cataliades, she tells
him she has heard that someone with a long sword was seen on her way to Bon
Temps, letting him draw his own conclusions about who killed his niece Gladiola.
Sookie is able to secretly pass the missing bracelet to the queen, much to her relief.
As Sophie-Anne joins her new husband in a dance, he notices the bracelet and is
obviously furious. Sookie learns from Quinn that the bracelet had been a part of the
king’s marriage gift to the queen. If he’d been able to prove she’d given it toto a
lover, he could have taken her kingdom and everything in it for his own.

Thwarted, Peter Threadgill and his people resort to violence. Sookie and Quinn
are enjoying a dance when a severed head flies by them. Violent chaos erupts, and
Sookie and Quinn become separated during the melee. As she struggles to flee the
room, Sookie is forced to fight for her life when she is attacked by an enraged Jade
Flower, mysteriously missing one leg. Sookie is rescued by Bill, who beheads the
Asian vampire. Fleeing through the queen’s bedroom, Sookie flips on the lights and
sees a seriously injured Sophie-Anne lying on the bed, with Andre and Peter facing
each other across it. Andre immediately shoots Peter twice in the face and then
receives permission from his queen to finish the job. Sookie continues out the door
before seeing how he does the deed. Once she is out on the lawn, Quinn joins her in
tiger form, and they escape over the wall of the monastery. Andre follows them,
carrying the injured queen, and they all pile into the queen’s limo.

The queen expresses her gratitude to Sookie for the return of the bracelet. The
limo drops Sookie and Quinn off at Hadley’s apartment, where Amelia waits with a
large black-and-white cat. She sheepishly admits that she and Bob, one of the
witches who helped with the reconstruction, got a little carried away during sex
and that he is now the cat. She needs to get away from New Orleans for a time.
An exhausted Sookie has just finished her shower, and Quinn is taking his turn,
when there is a soft knock at the door. Bill is there and asks to talk with her. Sookie
listens as he explains that although the queen sent him, when he came to know
Sookie he began to truly love her. However, she no longer feels she can trust Bill
and tells him that just saying the words will not restore her feelings for him. She
leaves him to return to Quinn, and as they lie in bed together, she puts her head on
his chest as he sleeps and listens to his heart beating.

FRIDAY, MARCH 25. Quinn departs early the next morning for his next job,
leaving behind a spicy note. Sookie and Amelia pack up for Bon Temps, and as she
heads home, Sookie is optimistic about the future.

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Re: Definitely Dead

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