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Season 2 Blu Ray Specail Features Episode 2 Keep This Party Going

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Season 2 Blu Ray Specail Features Episode 2 Keep This Party Going

Post  Renee on July 11th 2010, 10:56 am

Episode 2

Keep This Party Going

Scene: Eric releases Lafayette to question him.

Hint: These body parts could be of use to Lafayette.

Scene: Bill and Sookie talking in bed after makeup sex.

FYI: Bill’s bedroom furnishings are a mix of civil war era pieces and family heirlooms collected by the Comptons who have lived in this home for centuries.

Commentary by Pam:

I don’t understand all the fuss Bill makes about being turned. That spring evening in 1905 that Eric offered to make me a vampire was nothing short of glorious. Truth be told, I never got a real taste of life till I was dead.

Scene: Eric, Pam and Lafayette in Eric’s office as Pam tries to fix the damage to Eric’s hair.

Flashback: Lafayette working on his website.

Commentary by Pam:

Getting Eric to change his hair is like trying to make a fish speak French, frustrating at the very least. I’d been bothering him for decades to update his Fabio lite look but my plans for a whole new Eric were, shall we say, foiled after he got himself drenched in the innards of that imbecile. I guess this new do will suffice for now.

Scene: Luke and Jason meet on the bus to the Fellowship of the Sun leadership conference.

Commentary by Steve Newlin:

Luke McDonald, an all American boy with a good heart, good mind, and a good sense of devotion to a higher purpose. Back at school he could catch a football and dated a sweet little cheerleader. But, let’s face it, his life was never truly remarkable until he heard the call to serve the human race by eliminating evil lurking in the hideous, bloodsucking form of the vampire.

Scene: Tara and Eggs in the garden at Maryann’s mansion.

Commentary by Karl:

Benedict Talley, or Eggs, was a troubled young man looking for purpose and who better to rescue him than Maryann. She swept him up from the depths of despair and gave him food, shelter, a guitar in his hand and hope in his heart. I’m quite pleased anytime Maryann finds anyone with such potential and if I do say so myself he’s possibly, possibly the most polite houseguest we’ve ever had.

Scene: Sookie watches television and sees Jessica’s parents plea for her return.

Flashback: The night Jessica was taken from her family. Jessica pleads with the magister for her release.

Commentary by Hoyt:

I sure know that Sookie and Jason’s Gran was just about the kindest woman there ever was. When you’d talk to her it felt like anything in your life that was missing was suddenly found. You were all filled up and not just with her tipsy cake. I sure do miss her and I know Jason does too even though he doesn’t talk about it much.

Scene: Sarah Newlin speaks as the honesty rings are being passed out.

Commentary by Steve Newlin:

I was working over at the VA hospital over in Opalasis (Canadian, unsure of the community and spelling) where I was volunteering as a chaplain trying to bring the holy word to those in need when I swear I saw an angel walk right by me, my sweet Sarah. Peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, Oreos and milk…all those silly clichés don’t even come close to the holy bond my wife and I share. That’s because it’s rooted in the single most important thing in life, honesty. And we decided to bring that honesty to the Light of Day leadership conference so that it would protect each one of our members just as it protects us every single God given day. Oh, I love her.

Scene: Maryann visits Merlottes and orders lunch.

Commentary by Karl:

When it comes to Maryann and food I can think of only one word for her, insatiable. The finest fruits, the most delectable desserts. Nothing is too good, too rich or too much for Maryann. And that’s just the way I like it.

Scene: The flag football game at the Light of Day conference.

Commentary by Steve Newlin:

The Light of Day leadership conference was the brain child of my father who knew that the future belonged to our youth. And what better way to prepare them for the impending holy war than to bring out their natural strengths, pinpoint their weaknesses and train it right out of them in the name of the Lord. You gotta get them while they’re young and lost and looking for a way out of the darkness. These are the souls that are crying out for discipline and commitment and a sense of belonging to something larger than themselves and there’s no better example than Jason Stackhouse.

Scene: Lafayette remembering that Royce had a metal hip and retrieves the spike.

Commentary by Pam:

I’ll hand it to Lafayette, when the going gets tough he can be quite creative but the begging is unseemly.

Scene: Sookie asks Tara to move in with her.

Commentary by Karl:

In my experience, females living together never amounts to anything but trouble with a capital T. And, no doubt, if Tara left us it wouldn’t’ be too long before she found herself begging to return. After all, very few can resist Maryann.

Scene: Tara introduces Sookie to Maryann.

Hint: What does Maryanne see that is so special about Sookie?

Hint: Maryann’s thoughts are not in English. What language are they in?

Scene: Lafayette tries to escape, Ginger shoots him.

Commentary by Pam:

Ginger is loyal, like a dog that yaps away in the night and day apparently. I suppose she’s useful enough, dumb as a sack of wet hair and looks like her parents were first cousins but nevertheless when we want something done, Ginger does it or at least she attempts to.

Scene: Amanda Jane sings ‘Jesus Asked Me Out Today’ to the cadets at the Light of Day leadership conference.

Commentary by Steve Newlin:

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s our own Amanda Jane. Well she may look like one of them Brittany, Christina, Paris pop tarts but this gal is genuine pure gold. Now, I don’t care much for her type of music, I’m a Kenny Rogers fan myself, but the kids lover her and I say it’s high time this little peaches and cream rose to the top. Any way to get God’s holy word out.

Scene: Steve speaks to the group after Amanda Jane’s song.

Fellowship of the Sun:

The Fellowship of the Sun’s Light of Day leadership conference, the brain child of the dearly departed Theodore Newlin was designed to help young men and women become formidable forces against the evil that vampires bring into the world.

Give the Fellowship a wayward soul and in three weeks we’ll show you a soldier of the sun, armed with the power of the lord God and an inextinguishable light in his or her heart.

Scene: Jessica cries and she tells Sookie how she misses her family.

Commentary by Pam:

Why shed tears over a boring existence full of disappointments, wrinkles and mediocrity. I never once cried over my dreadfully boring human life. Then again, I never cried….period. Smears your makeup, makes you look desperate.

Scene: Bill shopping for clothing for Jessica.

Commentary by Pam:

The last thing that sad little vampire Jessica needs is Bill running around trying to make fashion decisions on her behalf. She’d be better off sneaking back into that house of hers and borrowing one of her others sad bargain basement ensembles or something from her rude little sister’s closet. But no, instead she has Bill Compton hoping to find dresses that will make her look like she’s ready to guest star on Little House on the Prairie. Sure, for himself he looks presentable enough, but that took him what? A good 70 years at least.

Scene: Jason and Sarah role playing - the vampire sympathizer and the soldier of the sun.

Commentary by Steve Newlin:

Every night after Sarah and I have said our prayers and I’ve put on my moisturizer, we like to act out a few leadership improvs about the many faces of evil vampires can take in our daily lives. It keeps us focused on our goal to use our holy union to help eliminate all that is decidedly unholy about vampires. Sarah and I can get a little heated but it’s just part of the fun. Now, come to think of it, Jason was so powerful and passionate about his role playing, it might help develop the skills if he and I tried to act it out sometime.

Scene: Terry and Arlene talk about Terry needing a break….. “Give me your tongs!”

Hint: As a waitress Daphne often looks like a deer caught in the headlights.

Scene: Daphne picks up food at the pass while Arlene makes Terry rest.

Commentary by Hoyt:

Now I ain’t never been a waiter myself, momma never let me take a job with night hours because she needed me at home. And, I don’t like talking about anyone, especially someone real pretty and super sweet like Daphne. But, if you’re ever at Merlottes and she’s your waitress, get ready to be hungry and real, real thirsty ‘cause if turtles ever had a race to see who was like the slowest turtle ever….she’d be the winner or the loser. I’m not sure how that is.

Scene: Maryann begins to dance at Merlottes.

Commentary by Karl:

Frankly, Merlottes never appealed to me. It’s dark, loud, the music’s extremely unsophisticated and everything smells like hot grease. And if I ever do have the opportunity to enjoy a meal, I’d much rather do it poolside than under a dead stuffed gator head. Then again, I don’t recall the last time I did sit down to enjoy a meal. Maryann has me quite busy. I’m sure you know.

Scene: Eric and Bill talk at the mall about needing Sookie’s services.

Flashback: Sookie’s deal with Eric to help him whenever he wants.

Scene: Sookie and Jessica sit in Sookie’s car outside the Hamby home.

Commentary by Steve Newlin:

Jessica Hamby was a decent, god fearing child of light, plucked from the prime of her life. Savagely drained against her will and brought into the unholiest of worlds. I pray for Jessica’s soul, I pray for her family, I pray for all of us. If a delicate flower, a decent Christian and dutiful daughter like Jessica can be taken from us, what is to stop those evil doers from reaching into your homes and back yards to make meals out of your children?

FYI: Vampires must be invited in before entering someone’s home.

Scene: Jane Bodehouse hit’s on Eggs at Merlottes.

Commentary by Hoyt:

All I ever knew about Jane Bodehouse is that she likes to drink, a lot. And, anytime I seen her around town, she kinda had this sad sweet look in her eye like she lost something but she ain’t given up looking for it yet. Maybe she’ll never give up looking. She ain’t seen her husband since he went on a fishing trip about 10 years back and I know her son Marvin’s real embarrassed by her getting drunk at Merlottes and hitting on loser guys. But, Jane’s always been real sweet to me, which is more than I can say about my momma.

Scene: Everyone dancing and partying at Merlottes.

Hint: Note Jane’s black eyes, have we seen those before?

Scene: Maryann forces Sam’s shift in his office.

Hint: Shape shifting is a common theme in Greek mythology.

Scene: Sookie speaks heatedly to Jessica inside the Hamby household.

Commentary by Pam:

Why for the life of all that is evil and unholy, would I have wanted to return to my family once I was made vampire? Eric gave me the ultimate gift, I took it and ran as fast as I could away from that dreadful excuse of a life. Daddy was a businessman and momma raised me to be a proper lady (laughs) lot of good that did. It didn’t take me long to realize I was living in an impossibly small world with even smaller men lining up to court me. With Eric, my world was split wide open, he likes to sneer that my legs were too. Momma and daddy would find that talk unpleasant…..but they’re dead.

Scene: Lafayette lies injured on Eric’s couch in the office with Eric, Pam and Chow.

Commentary by Pam:

Lafayette may be human but he’s right about one thing, he would make a fantastic vampire. His dancing may do nothing for me but I know plenty of desperate, sadly closeted middle aged accountants who would pay good money to see him shake his thing. I say, if he can bring us more money, then why the hell not? But Eric’s never been trigger shy when it comes to turning virile humans but he’s holding off on our making Lafayette one of us. Im sure he has his reasons……….he always does.

Scene: Jessica and her father argue, he hints that she allowed herself to be made vampire.

Commentary by Pam:

Jessica is what we would call a very unhappy accident. The magister knows how to hit a vampire right where it hurts. So when Bill killed Long Shadow we knew his punishment would be, shall we say, thorough. Nothing would cut right to Bill Compton’s tragic tortured core more than to make a vampire. And, in my experience, good little Christian girls doing naughty little things at night is a no brainer. Throw a rock in any town and you’ll find some plaid skirted upstart doing the dirty deed in a dark corner or sneaking out to some lame kegger. So, the magister’s henchmen threw a rock and voila, Miss Jessica Hamby.


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Re: Season 2 Blu Ray Specail Features Episode 2 Keep This Party Going

Post  Aslinn Dhan on July 11th 2010, 11:05 am

The world was wide open and Eric likes to sneer so were my legs


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Re: Season 2 Blu Ray Specail Features Episode 2 Keep This Party Going

Post  Fairy on July 28th 2010, 5:21 pm

Very interesting commentary from Pam. Does this mean we can expect to see Eric turn Lafayette at some point in the future?

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Re: Season 2 Blu Ray Specail Features Episode 2 Keep This Party Going

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