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S1 E11 To Love is to Bury

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S1 E11 To Love is to Bury

Post  Aslinn Dhan on February 8th 2010, 6:51 pm

As part of the vampire ritual, Bill buries himself in the ground with Jessica’s body, waiting for her to turn.

After being attacked at Merlotte’s, Sookie once again has Sam stay with her for protection and the two start growing much closer in Bill’s absence. Jason helps Amy clean up the mess Eddie’s death left behind and demands that she get rid of every drop of V-juice in the house.

The next morning, Sookie searches for the young woman she saw in her vision. With Sam’s help, Sookie tracks the woman (named Cindy) down to a pie store. They learn from one of the patrons that Cindy was a fangbanger and that her brother, Drew Marshall, disappeared shortly after her death under suspicious circumstances.

Jason confides in Rene and Hoyt about Amy’s V-juice habit. Sam and Sookie persuade a difficult police officer to give them information on Drew Marshall, and he promises to fax a photo through to the Bon Temps police station.

After seeing his state senator friend on television campaigning against vampire and homosexual rights, Lafayette confronts him about his lies. Amy cooks Jason a nice meal and the two make up.

On the way home, Sookie confides in Sam that she thinks she is in love with Bill, but expresses doubt over his loyalties to his fellow vampires.

Jason and Amy decide to do V together one last time and while they are passed out, the killer sneaks into their bedroom and strangles Amy to death.

Meanwhile, Jessica awakens and crawls out of the ground. Bill tries to impart his wisdom about being vampire, but she turns out to be a disobedient, overly-excited pain in the neck.

Lettie Mae refuses to bail Tara out of prison because she is a danger to her soul. They leave on bad terms. Jason wakes up to find Amy dead and calls the police. Bill, needing to get back to Sookie, leaves Jessica with Eric. Tara is bailed out of prison by a woman named Maryanne Forrester, who takes Tara into her lavish home.

At Sookie’s house, she and Sam wind up sharing a kiss just as Bill walks in and he attacks Sam. Seeing Bill’s vicious side, Sookie rescinds his invitation into her house and slams the door on him. Jason is taken into police custody, saying he doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt. A gossipy and distracted secretary is on the phone, and doesn’t notice the fax of Drew Marshall’s photo before burying it under a pile of paperwork. It is Rene.

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