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S1 E10 I Don't Wanna Know

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S1 E10 I Don't Wanna Know

Post  Aslinn Dhan on February 8th 2010, 6:50 pm

Sookie jumps out of bed and races into the bathroom, screaming that Sam is the murderer. He follows her and confesses to being a shapeshifter, even shifting into the dog and back right in front of her. Later, he and Sookie discuss their situation and, after Sookie asks him how many more supernatural creatures there are in the world, he says that there is more than she could imagine. Sookie storms off, angry about having been lied to.

Tara goes back to Miss Jeanette to get her exorcism, during which she is fed a strange solution which makes her hallucinate a young version of herself, which represents all the negative feelings Tara is trying to exorcise. Tara kills the hallucination and Miss Jeanette comforts her, telling Tara that it is over. Amy discovers Jason’s deception, but decides to forgive him, even going so far as to say they should start treating Eddie more like a member of their family. Tara returns home to share the good news with her mother, but Tara’s celebration is short-lived when she discovers that Miss Jeanette is a fraud who who fed Tara and her mother ipecac and peyote. Tara decides to hide the truth from her mother.

Lafayette is paid a visit by the state senator seen in Mine. He is looking for V, but Lafayette has something more physical for him.

Sam reminisces about the first time he ever shapeshifted as a teenager and ran away from home. When he returned, his adoptive parents had packed up their things and left. That night, there is an engagement party at Merlotte’s for Arlene and Rene and almost the whole town turns out, but Sookie is lonely there without Bill, who has been taken before a vampire tribunal, where a ruthless Magister deals out justice.

Tara has too much to drink, fights with Sam and storms off. On the road, she swerves to avoid a naked woman walking a large pig and ends up being arrested. Andy gets closer to the truth about Sam, Sookie has a vision of a young woman being murdered and the killer suddenly strikes at her, but she manages to escape his clutches. Lafayette learns that Jason did something to Eddie and lashes out at him for being reckless. He and Amy return home arguing about Eddie. Jason wants to free him, but Amy is scared of him and of losing Jason, so she stakes Eddie right in front of Jason.

The Magister hands down a creative punishment for Bill: he must turn a young teenager named Jessica into a vampire. And although Bill pleads with the Magister, the sentence is handed down and the episode ends with Bill feeding on her.

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