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S1 E 6 Cold Ground

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S1 E 6 Cold Ground

Post  Aslinn Dhan on February 8th 2010, 6:46 pm

Sam and Bill, both very protective and territorial, promise to watch over Sookie, who refuses to leave the house her grandmother and she shared. As soon as Mike Spencer has Adele’s body removed, Sookie is in the kitchen scrubbing up her Gran’s blood. Andy and Bud discuss the case and although Andy regrets releasing Jason Stackhouse, Bud doubts he could murder his own grandmother.

The next day, Sookie holds a wake for Adele in the house, which is full of nosy townspeople. Sookie loses it when Maxine Fortenberry attempts to make room in the fridge by moving the last pie Adele made before she was killed. Tara and Lafayette take Sookie upstairs and tell her not to worry about entertaining the people downstairs and to just feel whatever she’s feeling. Sookie confesses that she doesn’t think she is feeling anything at all.

Jason, oblivious to his Gran’s death, shows up at work stoned on V and learns the news from Hoyt and Rene. He races over to the wake, storms into Sookie’s room and smacks her square on the face, screaming that it was her fault. Tara pushes Jason out, telling him she doesn’t even know who he is anymore. Tara tries to comfort her, but the damage is already done.

Outside, Andy confronts Jason and practically accuses him of murdering Adele and Jason shoves Andy down as though he weighed nothing. Gran’s funeral the following day is more or less a disaster. Jason invites his and Sookie’s estranged uncle Bartlett, which aggravates Sookie.

Tara’s mother Lettie Mae shows up and makes a speech about a woman she barely knew, Jason continues to struggle with his V-juice addiction and Sookie makes a fool of herself when she cannot block out the townspeople’s thoughts and tells them all to “shut the **** up!” When the funeral is over, Lettie Mae approaches Tara and tells her that she has a demon inside of her that makes her drink and she needs money for an exorcism. Tara thinks this is ridiculous and storms off.

Sam takes Sookie home and she tells him that she wants to be alone, but Sam doesn’t and neither does Tara. Finally alone, Sookie takes the pie out of the fridge and finally lets out her grief as she eats it, sobbing over every bite. Tara takes Sam back to her hotel room and they have sex. Afterward, Tara starts to feel conflicted about her mother’s problem and leaves Sam alone in the room. Sookie races to Bill’s house, Bill hears her footsteps and sweeps her up. In Bill’s house, they strip naked and Bill’s fangs extend. Sookie tells him she wants him to do it, and Bill buries his teeth into her neck and starts to drink.

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