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TVs Top Ten Killers

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TVs Top Ten Killers

Post  Aslinn Dhan on October 1st 2011, 11:07 pm

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2. Eric Northman, “True Blood” (Alexander Skarsgard)

“True Blood’s” resident bad boy Eric Northman’s 1,000+ years on earth have left him incredibly cold, calculating – and frankly — one sexy badass. But this past season, we were intrigued to see a softer, more compassionate side of the Viking vampire hunk. Luckily, a little case of amnesia didn’t stop this sexy Swede from stealing our hearts – literally. In one memorable scene, Eric ripped out the heart of a witch sympathizer sidekick and slurped the blood straight from the aorta as one would a strawberry milkshake. Yum.

10. Russell Edgington, “True Blood” (Denis O’Hare)

Upon first glance, the now-former Vampire King of Mississippi appears polite and charming, but he has no problem stirring up trouble for Sookie and gang. Cold-blooded – yet perennially prim & proper — Edgington has done his fair share of killing. But even “True Blood” audiences – who are used to copious amounts of violence and gore – were shocked when the vampire ripped out a TV anchor’s spinal column on a live news segment. But have we seen the last of this mischievous vampire? (Hint: Nope!) Though he appeared to have been buried alive in Season 3, it appears he’ll be wreaking havoc in Bon Temps once again very soon.

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