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Some speculations

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Some speculations

Post  Aolani on July 20th 2011, 7:02 pm

So I have been thinking of how this season could possibly play out with the witches.

We already know that the vampires end up going hand to hand with the witches at some point. We also know that Lala and Hey Soos are headed back to South America to see what they can find.

What if dear old Gandpapa tells Jesus that the way to break the spell or to capture the spirit is this: They must confuse the other witches and get Marnie alone. Then the spirit must be confused by the physical presences of multiple Marnie's

Now how might this happen?

Well in theory, Lala trots his ass back to work and Sam asks where the hell he has been so Lala tells him.
Now it just so happens, duh, that now Tommy and Luna are skinwalkers.

So if they all looked like Marnie ,and Marnie were there, then altho in reality any spirit would know the true one, in theory, it could cause confusion.

Now what if shifters are immune to being spellbound or possesed?

So now you have a spirit that could possibly be contained by something that was immune to it and now you stand a chance at fixing the situation .

Its pretty far fetched but is anything far fetched by TB standards? They take so much creative license that its not funny

So here is also how I see the vamps doing hand to hand combat with the witches. I mean, I had to keep asking myself what the hell point that would be? I mean, yeah, the vamps are mad, but its not gonna affect the offending spirit but if it was done with the vamps having lost all abilities and as a distraction, then it might be effective, you know, to separate Marnie from the other witches.It would divide and conquer.

And these witches are definitely not like the witches in the book.

If they are not there to add power or energy, then it is a single defined spirit and a physical body to contend with and not an entire coven,and I do think Lala is a battery, so if he is out, and so is Jesus, then the rest seems more plausible. All a battery does is take a bunch of mish-mashed energy and refine it to a single thought and purpose, like taking static and stretching it fine and thin and pointed. Now its not static, now its a weapon or a tool.

Now Holly seems to have some minor basic knowledge, but the group as a whole is pretty useless. It took Lala to act as a battery and Holly with her basic knowledge to get things rolling. Then the spirit entered Marnie and got nasty

So take Lala out and distract Holly and the other witches. Then you have Marnie who isn't sold on the whole thing, and the spirit ,with her defined energy and wishes, to leech off of Marnie only ,for energy. Add shifters who are immune to that mix and you have the potential to actually harm the spirit entity.

Just a speculation on my part, but hey! Who knows?

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Re: Some speculations

Post  Fairy on July 20th 2011, 8:39 pm

Totally random, but in Episode 1, there was a closeup shot of Grandpa Earl handing Snooki his pocket watch to give to Jason. Earl was wearing a silver ring on his right hand, which the closeness of the shot made it hard to ignore. Now, I just noticed that Bill is wearing a silver ring on his right hand. Maybe some of the Bill sisterwives can tell us if they have ever noticed him wearing jewelry before, but I haven't. It wouldn't pique my interest if the shot of Earl's hand hadn't been so closeup, as if the add emphasis. Maybe it's meaningless and my imagination is stuck in overdrive. I can't find a screencap of the closelup shot in Epi 1, but you can see the ring on Bill's finger in the pic below.


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Re: Some speculations

Post  Aslinn Dhan on July 20th 2011, 10:06 pm

I had not noticed that

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Re: Some speculations

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