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At the Heart of True Blood

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At the Heart of True Blood

Post  Aslinn Dhan on July 7th 2011, 1:15 pm

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Aslinn Dhan

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Re: At the Heart of True Blood

Post  Aolani on July 7th 2011, 1:50 pm

Some interesting quotes and ideas in there.

"Anna's Sookie has always been somewhat angrier than the Sookie I wrote," Harris said in a telephone interview from Arkansas, where she lives. "So that leaves me wondering if I wrote her angrier than I realized, or if that's a younger person interpreting my words in a way that makes more sense to them."

Skarsgard said in an email that there was "definitely more" to Eric's attraction to Sookie than his taste for her blood, "but I don't think Eric knows what it is." He added: "Eric exists in constant darkness, and the only way he can feel the sunlight on his skin is with Sookie's blood in his veins. How is that for a metaphor?"


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