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S1 Blu-Ray DVD Special Features Disc 4

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S1 Blu-Ray DVD Special Features Disc 4

Post  Fairy on February 17th 2010, 11:28 am


The Blu-Ray version of Season 1 TruBlood contains a Special Features bonus not available on the other version. This feature contains some very interesting information, such as vampire biographies, miscellaneous tidbits, and hints of things to come. It is presented here for your enjoyment.

In order to provide a context and clarification for the information, the pertinent scene is explained in parentheses. In hindsight, many of the hints serve as foreshadowing for future episodes.

EPISODE 8, “The Fourth Man in the Fire”

(Jason’s new girlfriend, Amy Burly, helps out at Merlotte’s when Sookie is late for her shift. Sookie mentions that she like Amy’s silver necklace. Amy said she made it, that making jewelry was a good way to earn extra money.)
Hint: Wonder what other silver accoutrements Amy has made.

(Behind the bar, Sam pours out a bottle of TruBlood, apparently past its expiration date.)
Hint: Like all blood, TruBlood has a very limited shelf life.

(Tara is very irritable and swears at Hoyt when he innocently pays her a compliment on her shirt. Sam calls her into his office presumably to talk to her about her attitude with the customers. They kiss instead.)
Hint: Notice the figurine of the dog on the mantel.

(Sookie realizes Bill did not die in the fire, and they have “you thought I was dead sex.” During pillow talk afterwards, Sookie asks Bill if having sex after all these years doesn’t get old and predictable. He replies, “Not with you it doesn’t. You’re entirely different. And the beauty of it and the tragedy of it is that you don’t know just how different you are.”)
Hint: Bill again alludes to the otherness that Sookie doesn’t quite know she has.

(Lafayette visits Eddie, a vampire with whom he has a business arrangement: Lafayette trades sex for vampire blood, which he sells illegally.)
Eddie – (born 1951, made vampire 2007) grew up in Tennessee and attended Louisiana State University. Eddie met his future bride, Vivian, in the LSU Marching Band, where Eddie played the French Horn. Shortly after graduation, Eddie and Vivian married. They have two children: Marc, aged eleven, and Polly, aged nine. Vivian left Eddie in 2007 when he admitted his homosexuality, and shortly after that he was turned by a vampire in Shreveport.

EPISODE 9, “Plaisir D’Amour”

(At Fangtasia, Bill kills Longshadow in defense of Sookie. Eric intimates he will forgive the crime if Bill gives him Sookie. Bill refuses, and Eric wonders if Bill is in love with her. Bill says, “Sookie must be protected.” Eric responds, saying, “That sounds like an edict, but it couldn’t be or I would know about that.”)
Hint: Eric is referring to the larger, as yet unseen, vampire hierarchy.

(Sam brings flowers to Tara, hoping they can discuss their relationship. Sam tells her, “You remind me that I am a social animal.”)
Hint: Sam refers to himself as a “social animal.”

(Sookie and Amy are working their shifts at Merlotte’s. Sookie loses her temper with Andy and goes outside to take a break. Amy follows her. They begin a girl-to-girl talk about Jason, among other things, and the two seem to form a bond.)
Hint: Sookie doesn’t know that Amy is feeding Jason’s V habit.

Chow Lin – (born 1860, made vampire 1901) lived a solitary life in small village in Central China, working as a carpenter. The only joy in his life came from watching the widow next door, for whom he pined for over 10 interminable years. When a vampire attacked her at night on a lonely street, he offered his life for hers. The vampire accepted and made Chow a vampire. Chow thought he’d finally won the woman’s affections, but instead, she recoiled, leaving him to an eternity of loneliness.

(Eric, Pam, and Chow go with Bill to Merlotte’s to tell Sookie goodbye before he leaves for the tribunal. Bill asks Sam to protect her in his absence.)
Hint: Bill is alluding to the fact that he knows there is something different about Sam that will enable him to better protect Sookie from danger.

(Bill continues kissing Sookie goodbye even after Eric warns that his time is up and they must leave.)
Hint: It is dangerous for Bill to directly disobey Eric, his superior in the vampire hierarchy.

(Tara confronts Sam about the money he gave her for the exorcism. He asks her if she believes she really has a demon inside her. He comments on the fact that until two years ago no one had even heard of vampires; now, who knows what else is out there.)
Hint: Again, Sam alludes to the fact that there are other “creatures” besides vampires living amongst humans.

(Sookie leaves Merlotte’s when her shift ends, and Andy drops by to talk to Sam. Sam realizes Sookie is alone and headed to Bill’s. He wants to avoid talking to Andy so he can catch up with Sookie.)
Hint: A dog runs out of the same place Sam entered only moments earlier.

(A dog Sookie recognizes from Merlotte’s follows her up the steps to Bill’s front porch. She stops to talk to him, saying he should spend the night there and she will take him back to Merlotte’s in the morning.)
Hint: This dog clearly seems to understand human speech.

EPISODE 10, “I Don’t Wanna Know”

(“Duke” visits Lafayette to buy V, but Lafayette is out of his supply. Duke is nervous about having to make an upcoming speech without the help of V.)
Hint: What speech is Duke making, and why might he be nervous about it?

(Bill is at the Tribunal, waiting for the Magister to hear his case. The vampire Luisa doles out punishments on the Magister’s orders.)

Luisa Ella Prescott – (born 1801, made vampire 1821) born into a poor family in Kentucky, was a tough, independent-minded girl from the beginning. In 1819, she opened a safe-house for slaves who had joined the Underground Railroad. Risking severe punishment and death, she helped free up to three hundred slaves, until one of them turned on her and turned her in 1821.

Magister – (born 1462, made vampire 1525) known currently as The Magister. Jorje was the pride of his relatively poor family when ordained as a monk in 1484. A fervent believer in the necessity of the Spanish Inquisition, he became one of the more feared “inquisitors” in Seville and oversaw countless trials and executions, including some of his own relatives. When made vampire against his will, as retribution for his role in the Counter-Reformation, he turned his misfortune into an opportunity to continue to pursue the same goals he had in life: rooting out subversives and heretics to uphold the common good. Posing as a human for centuries, he served as an advisor to Stalin and s Eichmann’s right-hand man, then shortly after World War II he was tapped to be Vampire Magister of North America, where he relishes his power to implement the laws of his own kind for eternity.

(Arlene and Rene have their engagement party in Merlotte’s parking lot. Sookie enters the bar to retrieve ice for the party and finds herself in the dark, being pursued by an unknown figure. Suddenly she has a vision of a waitress being murdered. Sam enters and interrupts the attack.)
Hint: Remember sometimes Sookie can see only flashes/images from people’s minds and can’t always make out their thoughts.

(Tara, drunk, flees the party after Sam rejects her sexual advances. Speeding down the road, she crashes her car when she comes upon a naked woman and a pig.)
Hint: Pay close attention to the woman on the road.[center]

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