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S1 Blu-Ray DVD Special Features Disc 3

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S1 Blu-Ray DVD Special Features Disc 3

Post  Fairy on February 17th 2010, 11:19 am


The Blu-Ray version of Season 1 TruBlood contains a Special Features bonus not available on the other version. This feature contains some very interesting information, such as vampire biographies, miscellaneous tidbits, and hints of things to come. It is presented here for your enjoyment.

In order to provide a context and clarification for the information, the pertinent scene is explained in parentheses. In hindsight, many of the hints serve as foreshadowing for future episodes.

EPISODE 5, “Sparks Fly Out”

(Hoyt is tempted by a bottle of TruBlood during Bill’s talk to the Descendents of the Glorious Dead.) Unlike V, TruBlood has no supernatural effect on humans.
Hint: Vampires cry tears of blood.

(Sam and Sookie are having coffee and dessert after the meeting.)
Hint: Sookie alludes to the fact that Sam’s brain is different from other people’s brains.

(Sheriff Bud Dearborn and Detective Andy Bellefleur go to Bill’s house to ask him questions regarding the recent murders.)
Hint: Bill recognizes the name Bellefleur.
(Bill asks them if the two bodies had been exanguinated , because a vampire would not have been able to resist a fresh corpse full of blood and would have drained them of every last drop of blood.)
Hint: Is Bill telling the whole truth?

Lorena Krasiki – (born 1759, made vampire 1777) was the illegitimate child of an unmarried lady-in-waiting to Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, who arranged for the bastard child to be raised by the Nuns of the Ursuline Convent in Vienna. Lorena was a well-behaved child and model student, although as a lover of nature she would spend hours roaming the countryside gathering flowers, telling the sisters who admonished her, “God is not just in these walls. God is in the world.” As fate would have it, the evening before she was to take her vows to join the order herself, she stayed out after dark and was turned by a Gypsy vampire named Istvan.

(After Lorena turns Bill and lets him see his family one last time, she commands him to leave with her.) Hint: A vampire must obey his Maker’s every command.

EPISODE 6, “Cold Ground”

(After Sookie arrives home from her date with Sam and finds Gran’s body, Bill and Sam try to comfort her. Sam warns Bill to stay away from Sookie, and Bills responds, “This is neither the time nor the place for you to mark your territory.”)
Hint: What exactly does Bill mean, “mark your territory”?

(Jason is awakened by his ringing phone and throws it across the room, smashing the closet door).
Hint: Many of the effects of V (including enhanced strength) can remain long after the high is gone.

EPISODE 7, “Burning House of Love”

(Bill shows Sookie his resting place.)
Hint: A vampire’s resting place is his most treasured secret.

(At Merlotte’s, Lafayette and Arlene notice there is something different about Sookie.)
Hint: People who have ingested vampire blood are often perceived by others as being more attractive.

(Sookie confesses to Arlene that she has had sex with Bill and may be in love with him. Arlene immediately tells Rene, who responds, “That’s just bar talk,” and “Just be here friend. She needs one now more than ever.” Arlene, however, is very upset, while Rene appears to shrug it off.)
Hint: Arlene and Rene appear to have very different feelings about Sookie’s affiliation with Bill.

(Malcolm, Diane, and Liam come to Merlotte’s in an attempt to draw Bill’s attention to them.)
Malcolm Beaumarchais – (born 1760, made vampire 1793) was the illegitimate child of a Persian whore who left him in a gutter shortly after birth. He was taken in and brought up by a band of traveling beggars and thieves, who sold him to the Marquis de Sade at 15, for whom he served as a valet until he escaped two years later to join a Dutch circus. He was turned during the Reign of Terror by a former aristocrat, who remembered him from an orgy in 1776 at Sade’s castle in Lacoste. Sade’s pet name for Malcolm was “le garcon de l’eau.”

(Malcolm threatens to drain Sookie.)
Hint: Because Sookie drank Bill’s blood, he senses when she is in danger.

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