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S1 Blu-Ray DVD Special Features Disc 2

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S1 Blu-Ray DVD Special Features Disc 2

Post  Fairy on February 17th 2010, 11:07 am


The Blu-Ray version of Season 1 TruBlood contains a Special Features bonus not available on the other version. This feature contains some very interesting information, such as vampire biographies, miscellaneous tidbits, and hints of things to come. It is presented here for your enjoyment.

In order to provide a context and clarification for the information, the pertinent scene is explained in parentheses. In hindsight, many of the hints serve as foreshadowing for future episodes.

EPISODE 3, “Mine”

(Sookie goes to Bill’s house to give him information on electrical contractors. She finds he has three very scary vampire guests, along with their two human companions).

Liam McKnight – (born 1959, made vampire 1987) spent years playing bass for the punk metal band Anarchy Rains through the Southeast, until a man posing as manager of a record label lured Liam and his band members into a “studio,” drank them whole, and made Liam a perpetual 28-year old. Once he became immortal and developed a taste for human blood, Liam discovered just how anarchy really does reign.

Diane Virginia Hardwicke – (born 1904, made vampire 1938) ended her human life in Niagara Falls, Canada, the night the Honeymoon Bridge collapsed. Diane had been brought there on a “second honeymoon” by her husband Virgil, with whom she had a tumultuous relationship in which Diane was berated for being barren. This trip turned out to be their last together. No deaths were reported, but Diane knows better.

(Bill explains to Sookie the magic that keeps vampires “alive.”)
Hint: Bill doesn’t breath; therefore, he can sleep in the ground when necessary.

(At Malcolm’s home (nest), three coffins are displayed. There is an inscription on the center coffin.) Hint: Coffin translates to “God is dead” – Nietzsche.

(Bill goes to Malcolm’s house and tells the three vamps to stay away from him and Sookie. He advises them to “mainstream” and take advantage of the synthetic blood, which they do not like.)
Hint: Perhaps TruBlood doesn’t satisfy all of the vampires’ needs.

(Sam sits on the steps of the front porch of his trailer, and a collie approaches him.)
Hint: Sam greets a dog as “my brother.”

(Sookie, waiting for dark on the steps of Bill’s house, is apparently having erotic daydreams).
Hint: Humans who drink vampire blood have heightened senses and a more active sex drive.

EPISODE 4, “Escape From Dragon House”

(Bill comes into Merlotte’s and orders O- TruBlood.)
Hint: TruBlood comes in all different types.
Hint: Vampires prefer to drink synthetic blood served at human body temperature.

(Sookie asks Bill to take her to Fangtasia.)
Hint: Vampire bars allow vampires and humans to commingle out of the public eye.

Pam - (no one knows her last name and she refuses to tell anyone) (born 1871, made vampire 1905) was the daughter of a wealthy London businessman and his peerage wife, who groomed her to be a respectable young lady of society, which bored her to no end. She spent most of her twenties breaking engagements and young men’s hearts. When she met Eric in 1905, she was only too happy to take him up on his offer of immortality. She is fond of saying she never got a taste of life until she died.

Hint: Neil (Mike Spencer’s nephew) is in the bar.

Longshadow – (born 1752, made vampire 1790) was a member of the Huron tribe who grew up amidst the terror and strife of the French and Indian War. A skilled and merciless warrior, Longshadow fought for both sides, always available to the highest bidder. He met his Maker at a tavern in upstate New York.

Taryn O’Malley – (born 1825, made vampire 1848) hails from Ireland. Taryn escaped The Great Potato Famine of 1845 by immigrating to America after her parents died. Landing in Baltimore, Taryn turned to prostitution to support her family. She was made vampire while walking the docks in 1848.

Eric Northman – (born 1046, made vampire 1077). As a teenager in the ninth century Scandinavia, Eric joined up with a rogue band of warriors who refused to swear allegiance to any kingdom, because, in his own words, “My destiny is to answer to no man.” Eric quickly became the leader of the group, which was briefly infamous for marauding the coast of what is now Germany and Poland, until they mysteriously vanished after a battle in 1077. Eric will not speak about how he was made vampire, or who made him.

Hint: When Bill says, “She is mine,” he is laying claim to Sookie. This is a code strictly adhered to in the vampire world in which another vampire is forbidden from forming a strong alliance with an already claimed human.

Hint: Bill uses glamour on the cop. “Glamour” is a means by which a vampire can control a human’s mind, similar to hypnosis.

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