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S1 Blu-Ray DVD Special Features Disc 1

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S1 Blu-Ray DVD Special Features Disc 1

Post  Fairy on February 17th 2010, 10:54 am


The Blu-Ray version of Season 1 TruBlood contains a Special Features bonus not available on the other version. This feature contains some very interesting information, such as vampire biographies, miscellaneous tidbits, and hints of things to come. It is presented here for your enjoyment.

In order to provide a context and clarification for the information, the pertinent scene is explained in parentheses. In hindsight, many of the hints serve as foreshadowing for future episodes.

EPISODE 1, “Strange Love”

Billy Bob - Wayne Bosen (born 1949/made vampire 1996) was leader of the Friday Night Fish Fry where he and his high school buddies tossed back six-packs of Dixie Draft, fished ‘till they couldn’t see straight, then fried up whatever they caught. One Friday Fry Night in ’96, a man calling himself Buck approached, talking like they all had the same history, but only none of the guys seemed to recall him. They blamed their fuzzy memory on too much Dixie and handed Buck a rod.

(Bill first meets Sookie in Merlotte’s.)
Hint: Sam seems to recognize Bill easily as a vampire when no one else does, except Sookie. Bill seems to recognize something in Sam.

(Sookie saves Bill from the Rattrays.)
Hint: Sookie wields the chain in a way that takes even her by surprise, something she chalks up to luck. But luck cannot explain why the chin keeps tightening around Mack’s neck after she lets go.
Hint: Vampire fangs retract like rattlesnake fangs.
Hint: Vampires don’t stay injured for long.
Hint: Notice how the dog and Bill regard each other.
Hint: Note Bill’s reaction when she [Sookie] mentions werewolves.

(Sookie arrives home after saving Bill from the Rattrays. Grand is at the kitchen table reading a book.)
Note who wrote the book Gran is reading (Charlaine Harris).

(Bill’s second night at Merlotte’s)
Hint: Sookie seems to be able to sense Bill’s presence somehow.
Hint: Bill recognizes Sookie is more special than even she realizes.

EPISODE 2, “The First Taste”

William Thomas Compton – (born 1835/made vampire 1865) was a loyal son, husband, father, soldier, and friend during his human life. His ancestors originally from England, came to the New World in the late seventeenth century and soon settled in Louisiana. After decades wandering the world as a vampire, Bill returned to Bon Temps after the Great Revelation in order to “mainstream” into the community he and his family once called home.

(Bill saves Sookie from the Rattrays.)
Hint: Vampires have supernatural strength and speed.
Hint: Bill wants Sookie to drink quickly because vampire wounds close almost instantaneously.
Hint: Bill tells Sookie she tastes different than other people… and wants to know just what she is.
Hint: See the healing effects of vampire blood.
Hint: Listen carefully to how Sookie describes her gift.

(The day after Sookie has Bill’s blood, she smells an old crumb on the floor.)
Hint: Another effect of vampire blood ingested by humans is that it heightens their senses.

(Bill visits Sookie and Gran in their home.)
Hint: Notice Bill says he must be invited into a mortal’s “home.”
Hint: Vampires don’t ingest anything but blood.

(Bill and Sookie take a walk.)
Hint: Notice the way Bill looks at the dog here… almost as if he knows something that we don’t.
(Sookie asks Bill about how his blood will affect her).
Hint: Note how Bill explains that since Sookie has had his blood, he can find her when she’s in trouble.
(He also tells her that her libido will be enhanced, but he does not tell her that she will be more attracted to him.)
Hint: Note that Sookie is resistant to glamour.
Hint: Bill alludes to shape shifters (when Sookie asks him if he can turn into a bat).

(The next night at Merlotte’s; Rene kicks out a group of young men when one grabs Sookie’s behind). Hint: Rene mentioned his sister (also a waitress…).
(Sam calls Sookie into his office to talk to her.)
Hint: Notice Sam’s painting of a dog watching over a little blonde girl.

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