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Small Spoilers from TV Guide

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Small Spoilers from TV Guide

Post  raki on June 15th 2011, 11:11 am

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“Having her maker, Eric not remember anything is bad, but she gets into her own mess.” Bauer van Straten says. Adds Ball “Pam is on the receiving end of a spell that is the worst thing you could do to her.” Fear not, Pam cannot be stopped that easily.

Ohno I wonder what that spell could be? Some people are wondering if there is a way to "turn" Pam human by a spell? Seems like a stretch to me but who knows

...not sure I'm liking the writer calling Eric sociopath, I mean if you want to call him that one could argue that Bill is as well. I'm not trying to start any Bill vs Eric thing with this, I just think she could have left that comment out.


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