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My Speculations

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My Speculations

Post  Barrister on February 23rd 2011, 12:56 pm

Bill Compton- I think we will learn a lot about Bill in the next season. Somethings we may not like, but some things may give us another look at Bill as a possible hero who has been interested in the Stackhouses for more than one reason (ie The Mission) I still think Bill is a good guy. I think Bill really loves Sookie. Whether that will bring them back together I haven;t the foggiest. I think Bill's confession at the end of season three had to be brutal so fans could not accuse AB of playing faves since the actors are now married to one another.

Eric Northman- As tired as a the amnesia device is, I really think they will make him that way for season four. It is a good way to get Sookie in the sack with the Big Viking and make her conflicted about her feelings for him. The bad thing about this is we don't get to know anything more about his fascinating past. A thousand years of identity is being erased and it is a pity.

Alcide Herveaux- I think the introduction of this pack leader is going to move his story line up considerably. I think we will see the struggle for leadership very early on and we will see what we read in the books about the big were war in one of the later books, when he fought with Patrick Furnan.

Jessica Hamby- Since her story is an AB creation and meant to be a foil for Bill's character and meant to complicate the vampire's life, it is hard to forcast what will happen next. But I suspect the doll in the bedroom has a clue attached to it. I think she is about to be haunted by the ghost of something or someone who lived in the little house before. Or perhaps it serves as a reminder that she is vampire and she will never become a mother and this will sour the bright hopes she might have for her future with Hoyt.

Jason Stackhouse- Just as in the book, I think Jason is going to be made a werepanther by the citizens of Hot Shot. SInce they are not the most healthy or mentally stable group of people after years of inbreeding, I think they will come to the conclusion this is the best they could do for Jason, and that is to make him one of them. So I think that will be interesting. In a lot of ways, making Jason a werepanther is the things that smartens him up and makes a man of him in the books.

Sookie Stackhouse- I think they are going in the wrong direction with Sookie and her fae bloodline. I can't help it. The books make the fae hide in plain sight, living side by side with humans without their knowing. Having this interlude in Faery and the introduction of more tinker bell type hippy dippy fae is terrible.

Andy Bellefeur- I think he will get strung out on V. He is already an alcoholic, I think he will be more likely to begin using V to heal himself up and then become addicted to the other benefits of the drug...And like the new football player, Jason will recongnize the addiction in Andy, and I think that is how Jason will get the upper hand and get Andy to make him a deputy...

Lafayette and Jesus- I think they are going to have some real problems in the future. Using V has opened up a gateway of some sort that will not be closed unless one of them dies.

Tara Thornton- Run Tara...keep going...No, really, I think Tara will stop Sam from killing his brother. This was a terrible storyline for Sam and I am hoping this is a way to get him out of it. I think Tara and Sam will make a more permanent relationship this season because she wants a family and with Sam it is almost like she has that. She can invest herself in Sam and Tommy. For some reason, I see her teaching Tommy to read...remember she begins in first season that she could not afford to go to university so she reads on her own...a very self educated woman...

Sam Merlotte- I think the shifters are about to come out of the dog house. I think they are preparing to have their own great revelation.

QSA and Russell Edgington- I think their stories are going to get cleaned up pretty quickly in the fourth season.

Arlene Fowler- I think Arlene is a pretty desperate person. I think she honestly believes the baby is a monster and she really wants to get rid of it til she gets into something else...perhaps witchcraft, though Aslinn squinches her eyes at me in something that looks like distaste, or perhaps the FOtS. I think this is possible because she thinks vampires are the root and cause of all her miseries. And she will blame of course Sookie. If Sookie had not dated that Bill Compton he would never have hung around Merlotte's...

So there it is folks....tell me what you think?


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Re: My Speculations

Post  Aolani on February 23rd 2011, 3:32 pm

Those are some really good observations!

I have been reading some on people debating the amnesia thing on other sites. I think its needed tho. I mean, if you recall, he does get his memory back at the end of the book. So all ist truly lost. I know that Eric could get Sookie where he wanted her if he chose, but after Sookies percieved betrayal by Bill, I dont know how effective it would be.

By him having amnesia, it sort of puts him in a very vulnerable spot. I mean, he hasnt needed anyone personally other than Godric, since he was made Vampire. This puts him in a whole new situation that he has never been in and he doesnt know what to do. It exposes alot more of the inner core Eric than anyone has ever seen before, I would imagine ever , including when he was human. I mean, as human, we all still hide and protect parts of ourselves. In this, he is truly stripped of all of his defences. Sookie has always had a view of Eric. One that has perhaps been colored a bit by Bill and the things he has told her, and one of her own experiences with Eric, and then another of what she has seen of him with Godric. This exposes him in a whole new light to her and also I am sure will bring out alot of her protective feeelings for him. That would really gall him to no end if he were aware, lol. To think that someone would feel protective of him, the Mighty Mr Eric Northman!

So I do think it is needed somewhat. I mean, #1, it follows the book for all the things that are in the show that dont, and #2 because it would take more time than the story has to reveal so much about our Eric and to get to the same place. I look forward to it , not just for more naked Eric, but because the nakedness will come of the soul and spirit and not just the body this season I think.


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Re: My Speculations

Post  Aslinn Dhan on March 20th 2011, 6:57 pm

In light of the hint we will be joining the story a year later, I have a few speculations...Some of them are extensions of Barrister's chipe up with your two cents....

Bill Compton- We know we will be seeing some past stuff on Bill, but in light of the fact the story begins a year later, I was thinking that Bill may have thrown himself into Vampire politics, that he had been heavy into politics before and he has thrown his hat into his kind's political arena once again. And I think Eric's being cursed will actually speed Bill's climb up the political ladder. I don't think he will be king...but with Eric's disappearance and the death of the magister, I think Bill could quite possibly be made something like a detective or even a law judge, in light of the fact they don't have a magister, which is something he sort of does anyway later in the books.....

Eric Northman- I am a bit in a quandary as to how this will play out and how Eric comes to stay with Sookie. However it happens, I hope Sookie has a light tight space to hide the also makes me wonder if Sookie and Eric might not have some sort of relationship before he gets amnesia and has a hidy hole already at Sookie's house by the time she finds him on the side of the road. I also wonder too if she has been in Faery all of this time....

Alcide- Since a year has come and gone since we last saw our Were, I am wondering if there hasn't already been a sort of pissing contest between him and the pack master....Particularly with Luna telling Sam she was dating a Were who is very jealous of her and would likely try to do Sam harm...This sounds like a problem Sam might go to Alcide with and the both of them figure out they have the same problem...

Jessica and Hoyt- So a year comes and goes, and according our clues, our Jessica and her less than helpful maker, Bill, have patched things up and Bill dedicates himself to helping Jessica be a Vampire and maybe learn to control some of those urges. Whatever it is, I hope Bill can help her. Perhaps he call on the help of Jesus and Lafayette on the matter and they find somehow the situation with Eric and the situation with his progeny have the same origins...Enter Marnie...

Jason- I totally agree with Barrister, but based on the little waiting sucks preview, it appears Jason is being made a werepanther by Crystal. Has she returned from her foray with Felton a tad damaged? I think she may have, which would lead right into Season Five with a possible scenario of her being preggo and murdered....

I am gonna go on and skip to Sam- Sam is apparently becoming more involved with the shifter/were community and apparently they are about to come out of the dog house so to speak like the Vampires did...This of course would make Arlene, who is a tad nuts since season two and the fellowship a bigger deal and of course have Jason in the mix toward the end and Crystal's story line move into play for a very bad end...I can see the cliff hanger for season five now with Tara and Sookie walking out back and finding Crystal all strung up and dead and them shrieking their heads off like in season one...Plus, Sam's relationship with Luna, and her being a teacher, suggests he has some help rehabbing Tommy, by first helping him catch up on his schooling....

Tara- If we do start a year later...we will of course see a conclusion of Sam's predicament with his Whisky Tango brother and Tara coming back from wherever the hell she went at the end of the season. They say she is stronger and less likely to be a victim than last season...Perhaps she will be able to help Sam.

Sookie- She has been in Faery for a while....we don't know if she has been away a year or just a few days in order to give her life with and without Bill some perspective and for her to learn about her Fae blood and her microwave powers. Hopefully though, her cousin Claudine have had some house elves in to clean her fucking house...

Aslinn Dhan

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Re: My Speculations

Post  Fairy on March 20th 2011, 10:51 pm

If AB is staying true to the spirit of the books as he claims, it would be necessary for Eric to have amnesia. Who knows, maybe the vulnerable Eric we see will be closer to the true Eric. Maybe deep down, subconsciously, he did feel those vulnerabilities, but as vampire, it would have been impossible to allow those feelings to surface and still survive for a thousand years. Remember, in the books Pam tells Sookie that Eric hates vampire politics and would rather be left alone to just take care of his business interests. However, we know AB doesn't follow the spirit of the books to the letter. Many things can happen before the witches cast their spell on him. We don't know that it happens in the first episode... I'm guessing it doesn't.

As for Sookie, time may not pass in Faery in the same way it does in this dimension. While a year passes in Bon Temp, it may have been only a short time in Faery. I agree with Barrister that AB missed the boat in keeping the fae sequestered from humans. The entire fae involvement has been a huge disappointment, which hopefully AB will correct in Season 4.

As far as Sam's character goes, I can't say I care too much for the TB version, or at least what AB has done to him, so I just can't muster too much interest in what happens to him in the new season.

Alcide may play a bigger role in Sookie's life than Eric fans would like. Wouldn't that be just like Alan Ball to throw a wrench in the storyline? I hope I'm wrong, but we will see.

Poor Jason. All I can say for him is good luck. The new promo suggests that Crystal plays a pivotal role in his transformation.

Beyond this, I just don't know. My greatest fear is that the main characters and their storylines will be overshadowed with minor characters and subplots.


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Re: My Speculations

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