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Post  Aslinn Dhan on September 19th 2010, 6:54 pm

Here are some goodies we are doing over Hiatus

A group read of the Sookie Books....we will give you a date really soon when we will be starting book one, Dead Until Dark. I would love to hear about some character analysis and some plot analysis and some general critiques....We will get together in the chat and talk about each book and I would love it if you would write something for the book's's the teacher in me....And keep in mind, the books are the books, and the show is the show....

The Date Night Stories....I am so excited about the writing going on on the board. Remember, Eric Girls write for Bill Girls, Bill Girls write for Eric Girls and The Pam/Jessica Boys and Girls can write for each other and either a Bill Girl or an Eric girl or an Alcide Girl or all three and everyone can write for an Alcide get them thinking caps on. And I love seeing all those new and first time writers giving it a go. The best of each category will get a New Years date guaranteed to curl your toes....December 20th is the deadline and we are excited.

God Speed will be sorting out the Christmas card drive soon, so if you want to be a part of the Christmas Card exchange this year, send him your address and he will sort them out and send you a list.

Also, God Speed has set up an avatar gallery feature on our profiles. Any of you artists who are rocking the photoshop or any other graphic design system, make up some avatars, hopefully of all the cast and email them to GS so he can put them on the gallery feature.

The Countdown adventure At Death's Door is moving like a freight train through my imagination. I will put an episode up every Wednesday for your enjoyment....Everyone in the story gets to kick ass and take names....and Vi, get them tissues handy....we will need them from time to time.

The Chat Nights- Okay Guys, Monday Night Vamp Girl Chat is about to become defunct if you don't start getting on there and chatting. Barrister promises to be in there for about an hour each night and he hopes the rest of you will too. Tuesday Night Southern Comfort is on to show our love, approval or just appreciation of everything Bill/Stephen Related....Come one, come all and celebrate a little Southern Comfort. Thorsdays are of course reserved for you know who, the lovely Mr Northman/Skarsgsard....and we still have Saturday Night Live going on where we cuss and discuss about everything in the world related to TB/ The Sookie Books and the Cast and Crew so come and chat. And we are initiating Fab Five Fridays were we will have thought provoking, philosophical or just plain funny discussions of the question Minnie provides for us each Monday....

The Black Dagger Brotherhood appears to be having a new book out soon, so if you have been following this series, keep an eye out either here or on the thread in the Books Forum for any new news..

Any other goings on you might like to do or have on the site or the chat box, let me know...we want to keep busy and out of unsavory Vampire and Were bars while we wait for the new season.....

Til then, don't let strange fangs get on ya...and if you do...don't let the counselors know.

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Post  Butter2 on September 19th 2010, 7:49 pm

Ohh how exciting! There is so much going on!! Hopefully it makes this awful hiatus pass alot faster!

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