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Season 2 Blu Ray Special Features Episode 3 Scratches

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Season 2 Blu Ray Special Features Episode 3 Scratches

Post  Renee on September 1st 2010, 3:39 pm

Episode 2


Scene: Bill and Sookie argue in her car after leaving the Hamby home.

Commentary by Pam:

Bill had very little choice in this matter. He couldn’t kill the entire Hamby clan, too risky. He definitely didn’t want to turn them and have three more of these freaks on his hands for eternity, so he glamored them…………. heavily. Which means they’re now even more brain dead than they were before.

Scene: Sookie sees a creature after leaving the car.

Hint: Take note of the claws and horns.

Scene: Sookie seizures after taking Bill’s blood in an attempt to heal her injuries.

Hint: Something seems to be preventing Bill’s blood from healing Sookie.

Scene: Daphne tells Sam her tickets are short.

Commentary by Hoyt:

I’ve never seen Sam put up with such bad waitressing before. Yesterday Daphne served me nachos that were ice cold, literally there were ice chips floating in it. Maybe he’s turning a blind eye because he’s stressed out about something. He’s been looking a little jumpy and pale lately, sometimes it seems like that guy carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. I swear.

Scene: Dr. Ludwig examines Sookie.

Commentary by Pam:

Dr. Patricia Ludwig, an actual M.D., a real trail blazer in her field I’m told. All I know is she usually gets the job done. She’s not known for her bedside manner but she does appreciate the challenge of diagnosis when something supernatural is involved. But such loyalty does not come cheap. She charges and arm and leg and I don’t mean that figuratively.

Scene: Bill and Eric discuss what attacked Sookie.

Commentary by Pam:

Wouldn’t you know it, everyone and everything wants a piece of Sookie Stackhouse. Leave it to her to be attacked by something that Bill’s blood can’t fix and it’s almost unheard of for something to be out there that Eric can’t instantly identify. Yes, that girl brings everyone out to play.

Scene: Dr. Ludwig treats Sookie’s wounds as she screams.

FYI: The medicine Dr. Ludwig uses is a secret antidote to certain kinds of supernatural poison. Considering she doesn’t know what kind of creature attacked Sookie she gets lucky that her antidote works.

Scene: Dr. Ludwig removes something from Sookie’s wounds.

FYI: Dr. Ludwig pulls a claw fragment out of the wounds in Sookie’s back.

Scene: Jason prays after having a nightmare at the LOD Institute barracks.

Commentary by Steve Newlin:

Doubting what is right and wrong is a very important part of the process. My father taught me an invaluable lesson before he was murdered. When a disciple is questioning his own faith, that is the most important moment for a leader such as myself to seize because only I can explain to Jason that his doubt is the function of darkness. Think about it, when someone is confused they say they’re in the dark, when someone has gained clarity they say they’ve seen the light. Therefore, if doubt is darkness then it is a function of evil. The more doubt one feels and the more I can point that out, the closer to the light they will eventually come.

Scene: Eric offers his blood to heal Sookie.

Commentary by Pam:

It’s not a secret that everyone finds Sookie interesting. Eric is no exception despite what he may say. So it’s not wonder Eric wants Sookie to drink his blood, it would bond them in a variety of ways. Eric would sense her feelings, know where she roams and Sookie would be more drawn to Eric. But let’s not kid ourselves even more important to Eric is the fact that if Sookie drank his blood it would really piss Bill off.

Scene: Mary Ann tastes the concoction Karl is brewing.

Commentary by Karl:

My culinary skills really have flourished with Mary Ann. I, of course, was always a decent chef but had not nearly the breadth of knowledge that Mary Ann has acquired over the years of travel She mixes all the great herbs and spices of the world in a truly unique way and the more recent the ingredients have come from the ground, or off the vine, off the bone, the better. Oh and a very important detail, Bon Temps is not exactly a culinary Mecca so frequent trips the Shreveport and constant trawling of online sources are necessary, but it’s well worth it.

Scene: Tara and Mary Ann discuss Sam over coffee and marijuana.

Commentary by Karl:

Much like her food Mary Ann demands the best quality cannabis. It too is easily grown, so in the autumn we have it shipped in from Oregon, in the summer from a small farm in Bahia and a friend in Jamaica supplies us in the spring and winter.

Scene: The LOD recruits share in a sharing circle, Jason refuses.

Commentary, Fellowship of the Sun:

Sharing stories of one’s life is one of the most important components of the leadership conference. We must understand that as children of God we’re predisposed to seeing good in the world. It’s our nature to be thankful rather than critical, hopeful rather than suspicious. But there is darkness on the earth and as we navigate our way through it we must take care not to blind ourselves to it with the very light that leads our way.

Scene: Sara stops Jason from leaving the conference.

Commentary by Steve Newlin:

A gentle kind soul, my wife is. Empathy, that’s what sets her apart from the rest. I know the words that need to be said, which service comes after the next, how to speak to make people see the truth but she goes on an emotional journey with every last soul we bring to our flock and someone, like Jason who isn’t very good with words and ideas, he needs that. Sometimes I wish I had Sara’s gift, not that often but every now and then.

Scene: Sara talks with Jason about Amy and Gran’s murder.

Flash Forward: How Jason will try to protect ‘his’ family. ~ Jason confronts Steve in the chapel with a paint gun to save Sookie.

Scene: Sookie wakes at Fangtasia and talks with Ginger.

FYI: Fangtasia is open for business from sundown until roughly one half hour before sunrise. Ginger can be found at Fangtasia during most daylight hours. There are a few coffins in the back room as a precaution but most vampires return to their homes or nests for rest.

Scene: Sookie finds Lafayette in the basement.

FYI: Lafayette has outlasted all the other prisoners he started with in the basement. Some of them met Royce’s fate, others were let go under specific conditions.

Scene: Eggs plays the guitar for Mary Ann’s guests.

Commentary by Karl:

Mary Ann is drawn to people with raw talent, people who never quite fulfill their potential, diamonds in the rough, if you will. It’s part of her intuitive nature and her gift for helping people unblock themselves, well it’s marvelous, I liken it to her moving pebbles in a stream of creative energy which is why Eggs has really been growing as a guitarist of late.

Scene: Tara talks with Eggs.

Flashback: How Lettie Mae’s drinking affects Tara ~Lettie Mae attacks Tara after she returns home after spending the night with Sam.

Scene: Sookie tells Bill about Lafayette in Eric’s basement.

Flashback: Lafayette’s transgression ~ Lafayette trading sexual favors with Eddie for his blood.

Scene: Sam leaves a message for Tara

Commentary by Hoyt:

I got a whiff of something about Sam and Tara being involved for awhile. It makes sense, they both spend so much time at the bar and neither of them get into relationships so easy with other people. I don’t know, wonder who had the upper hand in that one. Whatever, doesn’t matter ‘cause Tara’s with Eggs and Sam will always hold a torch for Sookie, hard as he tries to move on.

Scene: Jessica wakes in Bill’s hidey hole.

FYI: Bill has yet to arrange permanent sleeping quarters for himself. Until he does, he will sleep in the ground, though this is not a long term solution.

Jessica walks into Merlotts and Hoyt sees her for the first time.

Commentary by Hoyt:

You know when you’re on a roller coaster and you’re heading up the hill and it sort of starts to slow down as you get near the top and the waiting is so intense you think your head’s gonna shoot off into space. That’s how I felt when I first laid my eyes on Jessica and then when she smiled well that felt like going down that hill at 120mph and I mean that in a good way. The best!

Scene: Sookie bargains with Eric for Lafayette’s freedom.

Hint: The vampire in Dallas seems strangely important to Eric.

Scene: Eric Speaks to Lafayette before releasing him.

Flash forward: When Eric sees Lafayette again ~ at Lafayette’s house.

Scene: Karl dishes out the weird concoction at Mary Ann’s party.

Commentary by Karl:

This soup is a recipe that dates back to ancient times. The Romans served it at various festivals and rituals. It’s actually best served cold, it’s perfect for a summer treat and the alchemy of the ingredients really stir the blood up. It seems everyone is in the mood for earthly pleasures after partaking of this soup.

Scene: Andy finds the pig in the playhouse at Mary Ann’s party.

Flash forward: Andy’s next encounter with the pig ~He sees the pig and a collie in the road.

Andy looks for and cannot find the pig.

Commentary by Karl:

Mary Ann has a symbiotic relationship with nature and wildlife. Four legged animals come and go in Mary Ann’s world with regularity because we are, after all, surrounded by nature in Bon Temps. Our little pig takes journeys when she sees fit but she always returns, all of our many friends always come back to Mary Ann.

Scene: Steve and Jason share a meal.

Commentary by Steve Newlin:

Jason’s potential was clear from the moment we met, but to see how he’s flourished since being here, his physical prowess, his sheer determination, his spiritual growth. Sara and I both knew we’d found a true leader, a man among boys. That’s why he was invited into our home, why we served him pudding and why he will make a great soldier.

Scene: Steve talks to Jason about his father.

Flashback: The television announcement of Rev. Theodore Newlin and his family’s death in a freak automobile accident.

Scene: Steve explains why he needs to avenge his father’s death.

Commentary by Steve Newlin:

My daddy always had a clear mission during his short time on earth, to protect the human race from the faces of evil. But, he ran into speed bumps because he believed wholeheartedly that traces of God could be found among the most evil doing of people, such as drug dealers, embezzlers, even homosexuals. But, when vampires came out of the coffin it was clear there was no hint of God in these weapons of Satan. My daddy’s mission became much easier after that point and it’s why he became such a trailblazer in his field.

Scene: Steve and Jason enjoy Sara’s pudding.

Flash Forward: Reveals just how special Sara thinks Jason in ~ their ‘special’ time in the church sanctuary.

Scene: Jessica brings Hoyt to Bill’s house.

Commentary by Hoyt:

She’s pretty great, just out of the gate great. If it’s easy to have fun with her on any old night at Merlottes, think how great it could be when I plan an actual date like a midnight picnic or something. I hope vampire Bill will be cool with that. By the way, his house is pretty cool, it’s got character like a wise house. Just like the man or the vampire, wise with character.

Scene: Jessica is embarrassed by her fangs.

Commentary by Pam:

Unlike human males who spend their lives scared that their appetites will betray them in the form of a bulge in their pants. Any vampire worth his or her salt doesn’t fear the reveal of their fangs. Why should we? Our appetites are not a source of shame for us. If Bill were a decent maker he would have told this hysterical infant that her power resides in what she wants and her unlimited ability to get it.

Scene: Hoyt tells Jessica he likes her.

Commentary by Hoyt:

I don’t think I have the words to explain why I like Jessica so much. The way she’s so real and then otherworldly at the same time, and by otherworldly I don’t mean vampire, I mean her soul. Her being a vampire don’t mean much other than how it affects our schedules. I’m sure that my momma will think that it means everything, that I like Jess just because she’s exactly the opposite of what my momma wants me to like. But that ain’t it, it just ain’t.

Scene: Sookie and Bill talk in the car after bringing Lafayette home.

Commentary by Pam:

What is this obsession humans have with good and evil? Such a young mentality, trust me, if you stay alive for more than a hundred hears, the line between those two reveals itself to be very manufactured. Deep down Bill knows this, but he’s so attached to his identity as a good boy that it’s sickening.

Scene: Bill and Sookie in the car.

FYI: Sookie’s telepathy renders her impervious to glamoring. Though it is not entirely understood why this is so, it is a phenomenon common among all telepaths.

Scene: Jane Bodehouse and Mike Spencer being intimate while sporting black eyes.

Commentary by Karl:

It’s rather a common occurrence for friends of Mary Ann’s to experience a dilation of the pupils. We associate mydriasis in this culture with drug use but it’s a naturally occurring phenomenon associated with emotional arousal. In fact, women intentionally dilated their pupils in medieval Italy as part of the courting process because it suggested a heightened sexual interest.

Maryann’s influence is like a drug in that regard, the people feel naturally aroused in her presence and therefore the eyes. I myself am immune, due to a freak incident that I was victim to as a child. It’s not something I care to discuss.

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Re: Season 2 Blu Ray Special Features Episode 3 Scratches

Post  Aslinn Dhan on September 1st 2010, 6:40 pm

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